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{August 29, 2006}   why do i have this blog

sorry folks,I apoligize if you came to this blog in error. The main reason I setup this blog is just to reserver the subdomain “rohanpinto” on I was a victim of a recent googlebombingattack by a few folks who had somethign against me. And am trying to do my bit by snatching subdomains that have my “idenitity” stamp on it. I am aware that I cannot grab them all, but I’m trying to grab at least the popular ones. If you see any blog and/or weboste with the name “rohanpinto” on it, and it looks devious.. please inform me about it.

Thanks a ton for understanding…

Rohan Pinto


Good luck, sorry to hear that you have such dedicated “friends”, some people just need a life, but ruin other’s lives instead 😦

BTW, can you explain what’s “googlebombingattack”?


Yup a somewhat yucky day but still… a good day to dive! Click

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